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Noflex Digestor is an environmentally safe odor eliminator and treatment for septic tanks, septic fields, boat heads, RV toilets, and industrial sewage systems. Safe on pipes, lawns, or greenery.



Sewage treatment is a dirty business, but someone’s gotta to do it! And if you’re going to do it, do it right with Noflex Digestor. Noflex Digestor is an environmentally safe choice, containing no organic chemicals, perfumes, or solvents and producing no toxic byproducts.

A little bit goes a long way – just half an ounce per day will suffice (for two people). No more need to lug around large jugs of toxic chemicals.

Pictures speak louder than words but the smell factor was speaking very loud before the introduction of Noflex Digestor. The raw sewage sample shown was taken from the sewage inlet to the treatment system on board the Canadian Coast Guard vessel CCGS Sir Wilfred Laurier. The bottles were not shaken and the Noflex was added from the top. The pictures were taken at the marked intervals.

Noflex Digestor has been used for several years in the commercial industrial workplace to reduce sludge build up and control unwanted odours in waste treatment and holding systems on land as well as high-efficiency treatment systems aboard marine entities such as the Coast Guard and Merchant Vessels.

Originally developed to enhance the treatment system, Noflex is now available in retail packaging for private use in home septic systems as well as marine and RV holding tanks. Noflex cleans the waste that coats the inside of the piping as it is flushed through the system stopping smells from leaching through pipe connections and hoses. Once inside the holding tank, the product instantly reacts, neutralizing odours instead of masking them.

Noflex introduced into the system, being heavier than water, sinks to the bottom of the tank where anaerobic (dead bacteria sludge) concentrates. Upon contact, it reacts with the sludge lifting it into the main stream and releasing micro bubbles of oxygen that break up waste. This also releases the proteins out of the sludge that acts as an additional source of nutrition for live bacteria. The oxygen and additional protein turn the unit into a super friendly medium for maximum growth capability.

Noflex is not a bacterial treatment enzyme biocide or perfumed product but a blend of chemicals that, when introduced into your sanitary system, will very quickly neutralize hydrogen sulphides (unwanted odours), clean pipes and liquefy solids in your holding tank.

With the use of Noflex, there is no need for carbon filters on vents or big jugs of product stowed in small closets. It is safe on plastics, cast iron, and copper piping.

As Noflex works into the tank it breaks down the organics in the wastewater, liquefying solids and greases to facilitate easy pump-outs. The spent residue from the reaction is sodium carbonate which helps buffer the solution for discharge to waste treatment facilities.

For use in Portable Toilets (Boating, RV, Camper)

Over time holding tank systems can be plagued with a build-up of anaerobic sludge in the piping system and tanks, with the resulting unpleasant odours and dangerous fumes, sometimes venting into passenger spaces and dock areas.

If you have a boat, you have to have this product, for your olfactory well-being and peace of mind. It’s meant to minimise or eliminate head and holding tank odours. Instantly neutralising odours, it liquefies aerobic sludge and organic matter. This makes your holding tank manageable and prevents blocked sensors. Also, simplifies pump-outs. It’s perfectly safe for a marine toilet, boat holding tank, and RV/Camper toilet equipment.

For use in Sewage Treatment

Noflex Digestor sewage treatment is also used in septic drain fields (leach fields), holding tanks, and industrial sewage systems. It does not harm pipes/rubber seals, lawns, or greenery.

Noflex Digestor Usage Table

People Per Day  Measurement
4 One oz or 30 grams per day every 1 day after dinner
2 1/2 oz or 15 grams per day every 1 day
Ratio of use is linear to number of people Measurement amounts and times are not rigid but recommended

After pump out to introduce powder into the tank

Add one ounce into the empty tank from the toilet, flush twice to introduce the powder into the tank.

Shut down

For more than a week add one ounce per 40 litres of effluent holding capacity.

Hint: before you leave the ship, add into the toilet (on shut down) 1/2 ounce of the powder into the water in the bowl. This will keep the water clean and prevent any staining of the bowl; plus give a shot into the unit on start up.

In severely sludged systems; use the same as above but two times a day, product works better on a routine basis rather than using large doses.

Grey water drains and tanks

The product can also be used as a drain opener.

In sink or shower drain pour one cap into drain add one cup of cold water and let stand overnight. Hair and waste matter will push up out of the drain this should be collected and discarded. Flush with warm water.

Sewage Spills

Sprinkle over area let sit for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water repeat if necessary.

Plastic Sewage Hose

Using this product on a regular basis will remove sludge inside hoses and stop odour permutation into spaces.

Older hoses can be washed on the outside to remove any odours or stains.
Add two ounces to a 2-litre pail of warm water mix, soak and wipe the area with cloth or sponge do not wipe dry or rinse ——leave residue on hoses. Pour left over into toilet.

Ingredients: Modified Sodium Carbonate

Caution and Personal Protection

Never mix Noflex with other chemicals or cleaners outside of the treatment system or holding tank.

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