Sea Solve Boat Cleaner


Sea Solve boat cleaner removes salt quickly and easily, protecting your boat hull’s finish



Living on the ocean, there is no avoiding sea salt. And as you know, sea salt is difficult to remove as it builds up over time, requiring an effective boat cleaner.

In addition to being a sea salt boat cleaner, this product can be used to clean salt build-up during winter due to road deicing. Can also safely be used to remove salt from cars and trucks, protecting their finishes from corrosion.

Boat Cleaner

A 1 litre bottle will clean approximately 200 feet of boat, removing salt for a spot-free surface, brightening and toughening bare teak. In addition to teak, this product is safe to use on all metals, including as an aluminium boat cleaner. Also perfect as a fibreglass boat cleaner, and suitable on rubber, vinyl, painted surfaces, plastic, chrome, glass, concrete, or any hard surface exposed to salt.

Because of its effectiveness, this product eliminates the need for multiple rinses to remove soot and salt, saving a considerable amount of time (and water!).

In addition to cleaning boats, sea solve can also be used to clean jet skis, outboards, bilge areas, and windows.

For engine flushing

Flushing your outboard engine is best done in a garbage can with the leg immersed in the water with a mix of 1 to 100 parts water and run for an hour. On coolant exchangers, add to the raw water side a 1 to 100 parts mix and let sit overnight.  Spray concentrate several times on the build up over a period of time to dissolve. Rinse with water when finished.

How to use

The blue adaptor nozzle contains a foaming dispenser and a rinse mode for your garden hose. The Adapter is 1 to 200 parts water mix. One litre of sea solve makes 200 litres of cleaning agent. No need to rinse.

For smaller jobs, you can premix 1 to 30 in a spray bottle. Simply wet surfaces and then spray the mixture on the surface. Use a brush for crevasses, and rinse. For small parts, use a 1 to 2 mix and dip the parts in the solution. Let parts soak overnight. Brush and rinse.

Safe for the environment

Sea Solve boat cleaner is biodegradable and has no environmental impact. It is safe on plants (in fact, it is a plant-based product!)

Additional information

Weight 1.174 kg
Dimensions 29.94 × 21.44 × 25.55 cm


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